Web-Based Resources

Web-Based Resources

Here are some web-based resources that are available to support the use of the iPod Touch in a K-12 setting:



Other Online Resources:


100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better - the name says it all.

36 Interesting Ways to Use An iPod Touch in the Classroom - Great ideas here!

Appsforedu.com - great reviews of apps, mostly for elementary.

NEW AppShopper.com - a great tool for keeping up with changes in apps, especially prices.  Create an account then a "wishlist!"

Apptivities - A blog released July 2010 created by Apple Certified trainers. Lessons that incorporate iPod touches and iPads.

iCT@C - apps for possible education uses. (.pdf)

iEducation Home - Wiki created by Vicki "CoolCatTeacher" Davis for sharing resources related to the use of the iPod Touch in the classroom.  A great resource.

iNTouch School - Top 50 Educational Apps.

NEWiPads in Schools Livebinder - Lots of resources here!

Learning in Hand - blog all about the use of iPods in education.

Learning Continuity - a sortable list of educational apps.

NEWMacworld's Education App Reviews (sortable list) - from MacWorld Magazine.

TCEA's App List - Arranged by subject area.

NEWTeach With Your iPad - Tons of resources here.

NEWTeachers With Apps - Blog that reviews apps for use in the classroom.

Tricks Using the iPod Touch in Class

Top 50 iPhone Apps for Educators - iPod Touch, too, of course!

Top Education Apps - research study findings of top iPod Touch and iPad Apps 

ipodclassroom - wiki centered around the use of the ipod touch in the classroom.

iPod Touch/iPhone Classroom Applications - on the Classroom 2.0 Ning.

iPod Touch in the Classroom - Blog Post by David Warlick

iPod Touch Schoolwide Implementation - Susan Wells' Classroom 2.0 Discussion on the project at Culbreth Middle School in Chapel Hill


Application Reviews:


iEAR.org - Reviews iPod Touch Apps for education.


Other Schools Who Are Sharing Their Experiences:


Grey Culbreth Middle School - these guys are the pioneers in the use of the iPod Touch in the school.  In fact, they've implemented a 1:1 program using them.  Here  are some resources related to their implementation:


Epsom Schools - iPod Touch Project


St. Mary's Episcopal School, Early Childhood iPod Implementation - Using iPod Touches with 3-6 year olds


Mount Airy City Schools - Project iLearn (i iLead, iExplore, iAccess, iRelate, iNavigate) This project will include 5th-9th graders and is projected to begin August 2010.  Currently teachers are receiving their training while tips and resources are being shared at the Project iLearn website.